Costa Rica Pacific - Can't I.D. This One


Very near shore (beach) 10 - 20 yds, saw only one, depth maybe 5 ft or so.  Pics are from a video and at certain angles lower tail and pectorals appeared to have white tips.  Size about 6 - 8 inches (?).

Saw Similar One at Punta Leona CR

Looks like a Pacific Flagfin Mojarra....Eucinostomus currani.

Pacific Spotfin Mojarra ?

Thks.  You definitely got me pointed in the right direction.  I'm leaning toward Pacific Spotfin Mojarra because there isn't a really strong presence of black on the top of the dorsal fin but there is a definite/strong presence of a black spot at the base of the "Upper Pectoral Fin" as described for the Spotfin in Paul Humann's book.  What think ye?

You May be Right...

Hadn't thought about that one, but it does seem to fit. 

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